the bike

How much does it cost?


How does it work?

Follow the instructions here.

How does it make money?

It doesn’t.

What stops me from stealing the bike once I get the combination?

Your conscience.

How far can I go?

As far as your imagination will take you- as long as you return it back to town when you are done.

What is the longest I can use it for?

If you have to ask, then it is probably too long. Let other people use it too.

How can I turn an extra bike that have into a Bozeman Bike?

Text me at the number on this page and we will pow wow.


Social experiement. Performace art peice. Too lazy to sell on craigslist.

What is the back story?

Thanks to a serindipitus pawn shop encounter, I came into a bike that was cheaper to buy than to rent. That very same pawn shop bike would someday become The Bozeman Bike you all now know and love.

How can I keep up to date with the latest Bozeman Bike news?

Become a Bozeman Bike Buddie by clicking here.